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How to improve your safety management system by maintaining a good reporting culture

A safety management system (SMS) is supported by the establishment of a good reporting culture, and this can only be achieved if an airline has an enterprise-wide approach to..

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How Safety Performance Indicators Help Airlines Improve Their Safety Management System

In November 2019, revision 1 to ICAO Annex 19 became extant. Consequently, your regulator is likely to start taking a deeper interest in your Safety Management System...

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How Automated Safety Alerting Can Support Your Aviation Safety Management System

Although ICAO Annex 19 does not mandate the use of safety alerting (sometimes called triggers), they can be used to good effect if implemented properly. By using safety alerts,..

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How to Monitor Safety Management Objectives Using SPIs and SPTs

In order to support a constructive safety management system, it is important that an organisation identifies and monitors SPIs and SPTs that will make for a safer airline. An..

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3 Implications of the revised ICAO Annex 19 edition for safety management systems

To align with ICAO Annex 19 many aviation industry organisations will have implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) of some description by now. This requirement was first..

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5 Reasons Why Safety Management Systems Fail To Deliver

Having spent a great deal of time and effort in establishing your organisation’s Safety Management System (SMS) it is now perhaps worth examining if it is functioning as first..

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