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How safety management software helps the aviation sector reduce safety incidents

Applying a good safety management software solution in an airline is a proven way of reducing the annual number of safety events. The safest airlines in the world recognise that..

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Why Apply the ASAP Approach to Your Airline's Safety Management

Active safety management is one of the core operational areas where an airline can make large efficiency gains that will impact organisational cost efficiencies. Within the North..

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How to Choose a SMS Software Supplier for Your Airline

The importance of selecting the right SMS software supplier should not be underestimated. A number of key thoughts should underpin any selection process. For instanceat the very..

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What Vistair's SafetyNet Delivers to Airlines

At Vistair, we believe that a safety management system (SMS) must be able to effectively help airlines become safer. However, a SMS approach on its own simply isn’t enough for..

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Airline safety management systems need the right people with the right mindset

Yet the fly in the ointment remains the nature of how seriously people in organisations take the issue of safety management, and indeed, how the organisation views perpetrators of..

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Vistair Knowledge Days – A New Collaboration

Overview: A New Approach Over the years Vistair has always tried to find a way of bringing clients together so that there was an opportunity to meet others in the industry..

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