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What Is the True Risk Landscape of Your Organisation?

Is it possible to determine the true risk landscape of your organisation? Ask safety managers this question and their answer may well be: “Of course we can as we have a risk..

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The effect of Practical Drift on safety management in aviation

In aviation, practical drift is a set of circumstances where actual performance varies from the designed performance as a result of factors that may or may not be under the direct..

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The importance of safety analysis to support your safety management system

A mature safety management system will only perform effectively if safety analysis is a primary element. The objective of the safety analysis process is to extract useful..

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How Safety Performance Management Supports Your SMS

Safety Performance Management is a key requirement for a functioning SMS. Implemented properly, it will give management an indication of how the business and its processes are..

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The four principles of an Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Although their details will change subtly from organisation to organisation, the main four principles of a aviation safety management system (SMS) are:   Policy Risk management..

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How to encourage voluntary reporting to support a safety management system

The effectiveness of an airline’s safety management system (SMS) is often measured by the number of reports it receives, therefore, providing an environment and technology that..

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