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Which DocuNet Service is Right for Your Airline?

Feb 15th 2019
Find out which DocuNet service will work best for your airline's requirements

Find out which DocuNet service will work best for your airline's requirements

A modern airline document management system should be comprised of multiple, but distinct parts that all align together to ensure an efficient and cost-effective process. As such, your chosen system should also be able to meet an airline’s requirements, simplify their workflow process and diminish costs and risks - something which Vistair’s DocuNet is able to achieve. Airline organisations are on an evolutionary journey with their document management processes, which is why we offer two services to support this. DocuNet has been developed to offer a level of flexibility that isn’t offered by other suppliers and aims to provide airlines with more control over their mission-critical documents.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about each service and find out which one is the right one for your airline.

The DocuNet Distribution Platform (DDP)

Vistair’s DocuNet Distribution Platform (DDP) is a self-managed publishing and distribution platform which has been designed specifically with the airline industry in mind. The platform is mainly used for managing non-structured documents such as PDFs.

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However, it allows airlines to control all document content and distribution through the use of a single, user-friendly and scalable system. This way, it negates the needs for airlines to use multiple tools or software to handle different aspects of their document management process. As a result, it diminishes extra costs, risks and time impact. With the DDP, documents are uploaded on to the platform and are automatically converted into ‘intelligent PDFs’ which enables the following benefits:

Publish and Distribution

  • Documents can be published and distributed to web and all device formats
  • Intelligent PDFs enable advanced user-focused features including:
    • The ability for rich content, including library-wide hyperlinking and indexed search and embedded media functionality
    • Unlimited personal annotations within manuals which are revision-resilient
    • Incremental updates which mean that only changes are uploaded – resulting in them being quick, efficient, and using less bandwidth


  • Full management of the user community, including roles and access rights.
  • Device content can be controlled down to the user level
  • Ability to control live documents and manage document versions, all with full audit trails
  • Monitoring of downloads from users to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Unlimited number of roles and permissions can be set
  • Single Sign-On with SAML authentication

Online viewing access

  • Users have access to the full mobile app suite
  • Users can have unlimited devices registered to them
  • Documents and manuals can be available online and offline on iOS, Android and Windows

Ongoing services

  • Access to a customer success team
  • Full hosting and infrastructure support including 24/7 critical infrastructure support
  • Military-grade hosting on the cloud
  • Version updates are automatically handled by Vistair with minimal downtime

Learn more about the benefits of using the DocuNet Distribution Platform for your document management.


The DocuNet Managed Full-Service

The DocuNet Managed Full-Service is a combination of both software and service to manage documents in XML/SGML format. It provides a simple, interactive supported process for airlines to control and edit the intellectual content of mission-critical manuals and documents.

The support element of this service means that Vistair becomes an extended team for your airline - one which helps to handle the technical integrity of data in order for you to leverage the power of structured data. However, even with the support of XML experts, airlines will retain all control over their data. This service includes all the functionalities of the DDP service, but also enables advanced features which include:

  • Audience filtering and information layering
  • Advanced hyperlinking
  • Version control
  • Auto-handling of revision highlights
  • Tagging down to individual users and/or tails
  • Enhanced IOSA functionality and compliance tools
  • Enhanced toolset, including the content comparison tool, auto-resolving and advanced annotation features to edit content
  • Data management and revision service for your manuals
  • A disciplined process for managing updates to ensure you’re in control of your content at all times
  • Publication to print-ready PDF, web and all device formats
  • XML capability which allows you to add multimedia content such as videos into your manuals

Learn more about the benefits of using a supported service for document management.


The right service for your airline is key

Choosing the right DocuNet service is all dependant on the features that your airline is wanting to improve and develop on, as well as your requirements for managing documents. With a choice of two DocuNet services, we offer the flexibility, stability and functionality to help you streamline your document management process and supports you in the way you like to work.

Want to find out more about which DocuNet service will benefit your airline? Request a demo and speak to our experts.