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Here's How to Demonstrate Document Compliance to Airline Regulators

Jan 22nd 2018
You can still show compliance to airline regulators if you use a document management system

Document management is arguably one of the most vital tasks to undertake within an airline’s organisation and it’s no secret that the amount that needs to be managed can become overwhelming. But the fact remains: it is a crucial part of meeting compliance, safety and audit requirements on a regular basis.

Airlines are often required by regulators to successfully and effectively demonstrate compliance with documents - and for good reason, too. Safety and security are at the top of the list for airlines and all processes must be followed and adhered to strictly. Non-compliance is not an option for an airline.

However, when it comes to demonstrating compliance with your airline documents and manuals, it can get quite tough if:

  • You’re having to do all this in-house
  • You also need to keep abreast of other important operational duties
  • You’re having to rifle through a number of different document copies for the latest versions - both paper and digital

In this article, we take a look at the best ways that airlines can show that their documents are compliant with regulatory and audit requirements. 


1. Use a Document Management System

Regulatory compliance within the aviation industry has become increasingly more demanding and many airlines are struggling to deal with the large quantity of their documents in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With the day-to-day challenges of keeping operations running smoothly, this could become a potentially critical issue in ensuring that all documents are completed in time for audit reviews. Failure to miss deadlines could mean aircraft being grounded.


A good solution to relieving the pressures and worries of missing audit deadlines is to use a document management system. A document management system can help bring all your airline’s documentation together, from OEMs to MELs and more. The right document management solution can help to ensure that everyone in your airline’s organisation, from pilots and cabin crew to ground operations and technicians, will be able to:

  • Have access to the right documents at the right time - whether on the ground or in the air
  • Make amendments to documents and manuals
  • Easily and seamlessly publish changes across a number of devices and platforms
  • Increase utilisation rates of employees by freeing up time spent on managing documents in-house
  • Save on fuel costs from cutting down on paper-based manuals on an aircraft
  • Ensure that audit and compliance deadlines are met on time

2. Show Proof of Compliance

“But how can a document management system help me show compliance with my airline’s documents?”

Technology is always changing for the better with tools and services being updated to provide more functionality for users. When you use a document management system, you’ll be able to create reports that can help with auditing purposes which show regulators:

  • Who has access to what documents
  • When each document was last reviewed and approved
  • How each document is used by the airline

Being able to create in-depth reports will be able to, not only make your life easier but help to show compliance on a granular level to airline regulators by compiling and providing all the information you require with little to no effort required. And if the document management system can also provide timestamped information - that’s a great bonus!



Using an effective document management solution can provide your airline with the full support that is required in managing a whole host of documents more efficiently. You’ll soon come to realise that with a smoother audit and compliance process, you’ll be able to take the stress off your employees’ shoulders and get your aircraft off the tarmac quicker.