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Vistair and flydubai Consolidate 10-Year DocuNet™ Document Management Relationship

Mar 25th 2021

flydubai, the UAE headquartered international airline, maintains its long-standing relationship with Vistair, ensuring continuity for its essential document management requirements.

With operations commencing in 2009, flydubai is now the second largest carrier operating out of Dubai International. The organisation has developed with the support of the Government of Dubai and flies to over 90 destinations in 48 countries worldwide. Vistair has worked alongside the organisation’s flight operations team throughout this period.

Flydubai has one of the world’s most modern fleets primarily operating Boeing 737-800s a key factor in the longstanding relationship with Vistair. Boeing provides regular aviation manual updates and DocuNet™ incorporates a comparison tool which speeds up the regular Boeing manual revisions, a feature which will be increasingly critical as the Boeing 737-MAX aircraft returns to service. Speed of updates can often be a critical operational compliance factor and the comparison tool is a critical part of the service Vistair is able to provide.

Flight Operations Document Management Support

Throughout a particularly turbulent period for the aviation industry, Vistair’s document management publishing team has maintained a regular dialogue with flydubai’s flight operations team. Vistair’s DocuNet™ publishing team has worked as an extension of this unit thereby ruling out the need for any redundancies due to COVID pressures.

In addition, and of particular importance to flydubai, the DocuNet™ full-service platform has supported the organisations desire to move to a contactless working operation. Vistair’s solutions are cloud-based, automated and flexible, with military-grade security. This has supported efficient home working in what has been a seamless transition.

On Your Side Communication Support

The relationship between both parties has flourished over the years which over the past 18 months has been critical. The on-going and regular communication between Vistair and flydubai’s respective publishing teams has ensured all aviation document updates and all deadlines have been met, a claim very few in-house airline publishing teams can match.

The DocuNet™ managed service is a unique package of support. It provides incredible value as it combines publishing and distribution technology with the assistance of a trained publishing team that is expert in the use of XML editing, along with the experience of handling aviation manuals from airlines throughout the world.

IOSA Audit - Compliance Matrix

Over the course of the relationship, compliance requirements have increased for all airlines and it is essential for airline governance that all standards are not only met but regularly checked and documented. DocuNet™ has supported this requirement with the introduction of the ‘Compliance Matrix’ which automates evidencing that aviation manuals support IOSA and UAE GCAA regulations. In recent months, the flydubai team have been using the Compliance Matrix for their IOSA audit.

Paul Smylie, Senior Manager Flight Operations, flydubai comments: “We have a close working relationship with Vistair which has progressed steadily over the past ten years. They have been on our side when we need them and adjusted the DocuNet™ service to support us when times have been tough. This has especially been the case over the past 18 months when flydubai had to adjust flight operations but still needed to maintain a full suite of compliant aviation manuals.”

Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair comments: “It has been a great pleasure supporting flydubai over the past 10 years and to see a young and ambitious carrier grow to become a recognised and reputable international airline. DocuNet™ is a service no other company in the world can provide with a team of specialists very difficult to match. My aim is to ensure that we continue to innovate which in turn helps the aviation sector and our clients become safer and much more efficient.”

flydubai is one of over 30 airlines using the DocuNet™ service to support aviation documentation management. During the past 18 months Vistair transitioned to home working in order to ensure that the needs of all clients could be met thereby allowing them to focus upon other core operational issues.

Established in 2001, Vistair is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation management software. Their Document Management and Safety Management solutions are used by over 40 clients across the world. Clients include British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, MAA, Norwegian, Qantas and Ryanair. Recent additions include ATI, Breeze Airways, Frontier Airlines, Leonardo Helicopters, Transavia France and Avelo Airlines.


Image used with permission from: Bernard VIGNAULT


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