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Qantas renews contract to use Vistair’s DocuNet for Flight Operations Documents

Mar 11th 2021

Qantas, Australia’s flag carrier, has renewed its contract to use Vistair’s DocuNet™ to provide a coherent, single point of control for managing all operational documentation including OEM data for their mixed Airbus and Boeing fleet.

This agreement strengthens the existing relationship and continues to provide a document management platform with a single point of control and superior usability for end-users. In addition, DocuNet™ facilitates the ability to leverage structured data across their mixed fleet, to drive further efficiencies throughout their operation.

Future Proof Technology and Innovation

The continued partnership will benefit from the ongoing investment Vistair has made in DocuNet™. In recent years Vistair has introduced several supportive innovations that has vastly improved document management performance along with several airline specific support measures.

For instance, DocuNet™ Forms was introduced in 2020 thereby providing an end-to-end electronic form solution which provide the airline with capability of producing bespoke forms e.g. Covid forms. In addition, Vistair worked with Qantas to develop key features and capabilities that would support Australian CAA Regulations.

Vistair has also introduced a Boeing Comparison Tool which improved the speed Boeing manuals could be edited, compared, updated and distributed. This along with incremental improvements to the overall DocuNet™ product (i.e. Temporary Revisions, OLB Loads*, Read & Sign) has helped in Qantas’ drive for operational efficiencies.

Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair comments: “Qantas is an exceptional international carrier, and it is our objective to provide them the best service possible. If we can innovate and improve our offering to enable them to become a more effective and an even safer airline, then we are happy."

Increasing Efficiency and Scalability

Vistair has a unique combination of software and human expertise which means its managed service provides an agile, scalable and flexible process for managing aviation documentation. Such is the regularity of manufacturer manual changes, regulatory requirements and organisational safety requirements that a carrier’s manuals must, from a compliance perspective, be current. Vistair helps Qantas and many other airlines achieve this, by providing the essential support of a scalable partner.

Collaboration & Partnership

In March 2020, the Vistair team travelled to Australia, for our first DocuNet Knowledge Day event in the Asia Pacific region. This was hosted at the Qantas Offices and included 1-2-1 training refreshers, requirements workshops and discussion amongst users about a variety of recently introduced features, with the recent DocuNet Forms development, Compliance Matrix and temporary revisions being of critical interest. In addition, the road map of current and future developments highlighted Vistair’s commitment to development that will support our clients in the future.

Mathew Crocker, Technical Pilot at Qantas comments We value our partnership with Vistair and appreciate the role Docunet plays in improving our workflows and document management processes.

Since the move to more remote working for both parties during Covid has not affected delivery and Vistair has continued to hit 100% of hard deadlines.

About Qantas

Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, Qantas has grown to be Australia's largest domestic and international airline. Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long-distance airline and has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering and maintenance, and customer service. Qantas are also the founding member of OneWorld Alliance. 

The Qantas Group's main business is the transportation of customers using two complementary airline brands - Qantas and Jetstar. Their airline brands operate regional, domestic, and international services. The Group's broad portfolio of subsidiary businesses ranges from Qantas Freight Enterprises to Qantas Frequent Flyer.

About Vistair

Established in 2001, Vistair is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation management software. Their Document Management and Safety Management solutions are used by over 40 clients across the world. Clients include British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, MAA, Norwegian, Qantas and Ryanair. Recent additions include Breeze Airways, Frontier Airlines, Leonardo Helicopters, Transavia France and Avelo Airlines.

Image used with permission from: Kayne Gulliver

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