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Benefits of a DocuNet Distribution Platform

Feb 18th 2019
Learn the benefits of the DocuNet Distribution Platform

The DocuNet distribution platform is a publishing and distribution platform which is self-managed, for non-structured documents like PDFs. It allows airlines to manage documents and control all content and distribution via a single, user-friendly and scalable system. Documents are uploaded on the platform and automatically converted into ‘intelligent PDFs’ to then be published and distributed.

Airlines must continuously keep up with manufacturer updates, changing regulations and other internal and external factors that challenge day-to-day operations. Ultimately, it’s all to ensure that an airline remains compliant, avoids security threats and can work as efficiently as possible. As such, airline documents need to be correct, up-to-date and need to be able to be delivered to the right people at the right time.

The management of these highly complex and structured documents can be challenging and can overtake other tasks and result in lost utility with employees, human error and security threats. This can certainly be the case if you’re using multiple third-party tools and software to get the job done. However, they don’t always meet the technical requirements for users and can be a drain on resources. But with the right document management system, you can ensure that you can improve your airline’s efficiency, compliance and safety, whilst also delivering your mission-critical documents on time.

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Instead, airlines should be looking for a document management system such as the DocuNet Distribution Platform (DDP) that can offer data processing, editing, publishing, distribution and viewing capabilities all in one place and streamline the process.

The DDP enables the following benefits:


1. Publishing and distribution 

  • Publishing and distribution to web and all device formats including iOS, Android and Windows
  • Automating PDF conversions which enable the following advanced features:
    • Rich content including library-wide hyperlinking, embedded multimedia and library-wide indexed search
    • Unlimited personal annotations (which are resilient to revisions)
    • Incremental or ‘delta’ updates (only changes are uploaded which are quick, efficient and use less bandwidth)
    • Advanced search functionality across the whole manual library

2. Administration

  • Full management of the user community, roles and access rights
  • Device content control down to the user level
  • The publishing team have the ability to control live documents and manage document versions, all with full audit trails
  • Monitoring of user downloads to demonstrate compliance with regulator needs
  • Unlimited number of roles and permissions
  • Single Sign-On for users with SAML authentication 

3. Online Viewing 

  • Access to the full-mobile app suite 
  • Unlimited devices per registered user 
  •  Documents are available to view online and offline on iOS, Android and Windows 

4. ongoing services

  • Access to a customer success team 
  • Hosting and infrastructure support including 24/7 critical infrastructure support from Vistair
  • Military-grade hosting on the cloud to ensure all mission-critical data is secure
  •  Version updates (e.g. iOS) are automatically handled by Vistair 


Using Vistair’s DocuNet Distribution Platform will ensure that your document management process becomes more streamlined and effective. As a result, you’ll do away with requiring different third-party tools to manage all aspects of your documents and you’ll have one centralised software to have full transparency and control.

Learn more about how the DocuNet Distribution Platform will transform your airline’s document management processes. Request a demo with our experts to find out.