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The Cost Benefits of Using a Supported Airline Document Management System

May 21st 2018
Are there cost benefits to using a partnered airline document management system? Read Vistair's article to learn more

For airlines, the right document management solution is the difference between stressed employees dealing with a mass of complex information during peak times, and an organisation running efficiently, saving on costs and freeing up employees’ time to utilise on higher-value tasks.

There are a number a challenges faced by in-house publishing teams when it comes to managing mission-critical data, such as manipulating complex XML structured documents - with the knock-on effect that, if any delays occur, this could halt other operations.

So could the solution to increasing organisational efficiency and reducing costs be to use a supported document management system to help manage the load?

In this article, we explore some of cost benefits an airline can unlock when using a supported document management system such as the DocuNet Managed Full-Service.


Innovation & Development

DocuNet, Vistair’s leading airline document management system, has been developed using 20+ years of expertise and knowledge of the airline industry, and is a combination of both a software and a service. As the aviation industry’s most powerful document management and distribution solution, it is capable of delivering a complete operational library and all mission-critical content across a number of different platforms. DocuNet also supports all aircraft types including:

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer

A Multitude of Benefits Included

The software itself enables a simple and interactive process for airlines to control the intellectual content of manuals. The supported service side is delivered by publishing experts who work alongside the airline’s internal team to implement these changes to the master structured data within the manuals with ease.


DocuNet embodies many innovative and beneficial features including:

  • Cloud-based archive including PDF library
  • PDF document management
  • Controlled distribution support
  • Managed “on-boarding service”
  • Airline auditability
  • Military secure grade/hosting
  • Web-based resolution of amendment and revision differences (i.e. comparison tools)
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Revision-resilient annotation
  • Online/offline viewer with advanced search functionality
  • And more

Such features have been implemented to ensure that DocuNet enhances our clients’ live operation where they can expect to receive efficiency gains of up to 45%.

Improving your airline’s document management processes can have a wealth of other operational benefits too, such as saving on costly infrastructure and training or hiring specialist staff to deal with complex documentation manipulation. Additionally, your airline will actively be promoting continuous improvement of safety engagement - supporting a vital procedural change for your operations of which document management is one key component.

Vistair’s technology enables organisations to demonstrate a clear link between increased reporting and a change in behaviours, which can help drive a safer organisation.



By balancing cutting-edge technology with publishing expertise, the DocuNet Managed Full-Service is an efficient and cost-effective document management system that simplifies the associated complexities of manual maintenance, management and distribution. In turn, DocuNet helps to deliver a return on investment with the net result being a more efficient, compliant and safer airline.

As all airline operations have subtle differences, Vistair recognises the need to discuss all requirements individually. So why not find out more by contact us with our experts.

Image by Chalabala (Envato Elements)