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Vistair participates in Inmarsat’s new programme to certify third party applications on SwiftBroadband-Safety

Dec 12th 2017

Vistair has announced its participation in a new programme launched to certify third party commercial applications for use on Inmarsat’s next generation SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) platform for the aircraft flight deck.

SB-S is the first satcom platform designed to meet the needs of the modern aircraft flight deck by providing global, high-speed and secure IP broadband connectivity, with a growing range of applications that improve safety and operational efficiency. These include real-time graphical weather updates, flight optimisation and crew workload reduction applications.

The Certified Application Provider Programme, which is open to established application providers and developers, involves a two-step certification process to test and optimise applications compatible with SB-S. Providers of applications certified by the programme will benefit from an expanded eco-system of expertise, while also gaining access to new revenue streams and joint business opportunities.

Inmarsat will also provide test environments and software development kits for optimised data transmission. Certified applications will, in turn, be promoted in Inmarsat’s ‘solutions labs’, increasing awareness of the solutions amongst its customers.

 At the recent Inmarsat World conference held in Lisbon, Vistair demonstrated how its document and safety aviation technology solutions help provide a range of real-time cockpit applications that enhance operational efficiency and safety of an airline. In an industry where there is an increasing desire to improve the speed and accuracy of information, the development of real-time reporting ability between ground and air operations will create safer and more profitable airline operations.

Ian Herbert, CEO of Vistair comments: “Vistair is excited to be supporting Inmarsat’s Certified Application Provider Programme and we see real benefit in the immediate provision of a connected platform that is able to support our documentation, safety and crew notice applications. This will provide the cockpit with an application suite that enables formatted graphical, narrative, voice and film through a distributed delivery application from the air to ground and vice versa via a secure communication linkage.”  

Mary McMillan, Vice President of Safety and Operational Services at Inmarsat Aviation, said: “SwiftBroadband-Safety sets a new standard for flight deck communications, ensuring the aviation industry can take full advantage of IP connectivity in the air, today and in the future. Our new aviation CAP Programme not only opens up a wealth of opportunity for existing applications providers and developers to further their innovative solutions, it means we can offer the heightened safety and streamlined operations applications airlines demand.

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Vistair Notes:

  • Vistair currently supplies over 30% of the world’s tier 1 commercial airlines including including Aer Lingus, Air Asia, British Airways, easyjet, Delta Air Lines, DHL, and Qantas.
  • Vistair’s DocuNet solution is currently used by over 40 airlines worldwide with over 2,000 manuals under management. It is the aviation industry’s leading solution for operational documentation.
  • The Safety Management System (‘SMS’) suite, comprising SafetyNet, RiskNet, QualityNet, is currently deployed by the world’s largest airline and counts the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force amongst its global user base.
  • For further information about Vistair’s aviation solutions contact