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How Automating Document Management Can Save Your Airline Time and Money

Dec 04th 2017
Vistair share their thoughts on how automating your airline's document management can save you time, money and resources

Imagine - a world where document management is a stress-free, automated process that actually simplifies your airline operations rather than dragging it back. The good news is, this world exists in the form of a partnered solution, which is more beneficial for your business in the following ways:

Managing your airline’s documents is an incredibly intensive process, especially when running against the audit clock, meeting different regulatory bodies’ requirements and having to manage revisions and releases from aircraft suppliers. Not to mention the stress of trying to manage this all in-house on top of other operational needs. The worst part is that the processes can take so long, and document updating and publishing is so complex, that it can cause you to fall behind on your document management revisions. In essence, this means that you actually stop meeting compliance requirements. 

Saving Your Airline Time

Time is precious for any business at this time, but more so for airlines when it comes to meeting the pressures of a scheduled service. If an important or new manual isn’t up to date it could have a seriously detrimental effect on your airline operations, especially if it means not getting your aircraft off the tarmac in time.

An partnered document management solution may be the answer to freeing up vital resource for your business. You’ll be saving the time of your employees by enabling them to concentrate on their other business responsibilities, instead of spending time with the intricacies of reading, checking and updating documents.

Saving Your Airline Money

If you haven’t already migrated your document management to the cloud, then you definitely need to consider it. Read our earlier article here on why airlines need to embrace the cloud. 

Using a cloud-based service can save your airline real money on aircraft fuel alone. Not only that, but you’ll also be saving on all the hard costs of running your document management in-house. That’s money saved on:

  • Wages
  • Tax contributions
  • Pensions
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT hardware and software
  • Operational management
  • Real estate
  • Compliance violations

When you compare in-house vs. a partnered document management solution, a partnership is, without doubt, the better option to save your airline money that could be better invested in other areas of your organisation.



Sure, managing documents in-house seems like the most logical step in terms of saving resources - but it’s actually quite the opposite. In-house document management tends to create more work for your employees whilst also creating more work from a management perspective too. Additionally, it always introduces complexities in the operational management of the airline.

With resources being shifted to deal with a host of document change requirements, other important operational duties can end up being delayed or even forgotten, simply because there weren’t enough resources available. 

With a trusted and reputable solution, you’ll find that it’ll lift the burden of an often overworked and under-resourced publications team fighting against the deadline clock and instead, help you create a more efficient and more compliant organisation.



We know that running an airline is no easy feat and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you with advice that can point you in the right direction when looking for a solution for your document management needs.

Our expertise is derived from years of experience in working closely with some of the world's leading airline organisations. From civil aviation to commercial and even military, we’ve been able to build up our knowledge of client needs and expectations when it comes to aviation technology.

If you want to find out more about how you can better automate your document management, download our useful guide and learn the benefits of using a supported document management solution.