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Collaboration fundamental to innovation

Jul 15th 2016

Collaboration, communication and progress were the overriding themes of Vistair’s latest UserGroup client event held in London.

The annual event, now in its sixth year, is an opportunity for Vistair’s customers and partners to come together to find out about the latest innovations to the company’s suite of world-beating aviation software solutions and to share their thoughts on aviation document and safety management.

Dr David Hedley, Vistair’s joint founder and Chief Technical Officer, described the last 12 months as “transformational” for the company, a period that has seen new customer wins, the strengthening of its senior management team and accelerated product development.



The UserGroup event is a critical element in Vistair’s customer approach, as David adds: “Working to develop aviation solutions for the world’s leading carriers, such as easyjet, Delta and Qantas ensures UserGroup sessions provide a unique insight into the future requirements of the sector.

“The ability to share and swap ideas at this informal event is an invaluable step in helping us to make our business even more effective for a customer’s flight operations. The DocuNet user group session epitomised this collaborative approach.”

The market-leading document management service DocuNet has contributed directly to around £3.5m in annual savings to the cost of running commercial airlines flight ops documentation, and much of its development has been as a result of feedback from UserGroup meetings.

Alongside this and according to research into Vistair’s performance, use of its SafetyNet software has seen increases in safety reporting by as much as 65 per cent, along with millions saved in insurance premiums.

Both Phil Davies, newly appointed Chief Customer Officer and Rob Morgan, Vistair’s CFO/COO, reinforced the importance of collaboration as the key to creating even better services that will help airlines’ operations run more safely and efficiently than ever.

Rob comments: “We’re living through extremely uncertain times but, what is certain, is that those businesses that remain agile and forward thinking will thrive and it is these principles that are embedded into the core of everything we do.”

Reflecting on Vistair’s corporate mantra, “getting better never stops,” he continued: “It’s great for us to be able to quantify what we do well and the benefits we bring to our clients’ businesses, but it is just as important that we take feedback whenever possible to know and identify those areas where we can improve.

“We view collaboration as fundamental to innovation, client service and the proliferation of world class practices. Our privileged perspective, through working with some of the world’s most innovative airlines, allows us to understand what constitutes world class practices and we want all our partners to be the very best they can in terms of compliance, safety and operational efficiency.”

Vistair is already planning on how to develop the UserGroup concept further so that the opportunity for greater collaboration can take place.


Vistair Notes:

  • Vistair provides ‘world class aviation technology’ through the provision of innovative document and safety management solutions that enable aviation customers to reach world class levels of safety, compliance and efficiency.
  • Vistair provides world class aviation solutions that increase airline efficiency through a reduction in costs on a range of elements including insurance, accidents and accident management, flight operations and airline servicing.
  • Vistair currently supplies over 10% of the world’s top commercial airlines including including Aer Lingus, Air Asia, British Airways, easyjet, Delta, DHL, and Qantas.
  • Vistair’s DocuNet solution is currently used by over 40 airlines worldwide with over 2,000 manuals under management. It is the aviation industry’s leading solution for operational documentation.
  • The Safety Management System (‘SMS’) suite, comprising SafetyNet,  RiskNet,  QualityNet, is currently deployed by the world’s largest airline and counts the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force amongst its global user base.
  • For further information about Vistair’s aviation solutions contact