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The four principles of an Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Although their details will change subtly from organisation to organisation, the main four principles of a aviation safety management system (SMS) are:   Policy Risk management..

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How to encourage voluntary reporting to support a safety management system

The effectiveness of an airline’s safety management system (SMS) is often measured by the number of reports it receives, therefore, providing an environment and technology that..

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The value of aviation-specific technology for your document management

Technology has been one of the biggest driving factors for the airline industry of late - from improving efficiency to increasing compliance and safety. Due to new advancements in..

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How to improve your safety management system by maintaining a good reporting culture

A safety management system (SMS) is supported by the establishment of a good reporting culture, and this can only be achieved if an airline has an enterprise-wide approach to..

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How Safety Performance Indicators Help Airlines Improve Their Safety Management System

In November 2019, revision 1 to ICAO Annex 19 became extant. Consequently, your regulator is likely to start taking a deeper interest in your Safety Management System...

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