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Why Aviation Document Management helps Airlines support a reduced CASM

Aviation document management is one specific area of airline operational management that can help to reduce the cost per available seat mile (‘CASM’). An aviation document..

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Passenger Safety in Aviation Industry making flying accessible for passengers with disabilities

In commercial aviation the safe transition of passengers from point A to Point B is the number one priority – passenger safety is paramount and commercial aviation wouldn’t exist..

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Improve Airline Operational Efficiency By 0.5% Per Annum

Former VP of Flight Operations of JetBlue and System Chief Pilot at American Airlines, believes an airline’s operational efficiency can be improved through a modern end-to-end..

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Monitoring "Business as usual" to enhance your safety management system

In combination with a sound Safety Management System (SMS), the absence of an accident is sometimes used as a means to describe an organisation’s operation as “safe”. Is this..

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The Importance of Operational Risk Management

The importance of active operational risk management should never be underestimated. As a former Flight Operations Manager, I have attended numerous Safety Meetings (DSAG and SAG)..

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