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Own your manual - DocuNet App now with revision - resilient annotation

Jan 09th 2016

Vistair today releases a major upgrade to the market-leading DocuNet™ application, adding even more powerful functionality and breaking new ground to deliver the world’s best e-document management system.

New benefits and features
Users can now highlight text and add their own revision-resilient personal annotations, replacing the former bookmark functionality with a choice of highlight colours and other options.

Existing bookmarks are converted to annotations when the application is updated

  • All annotations are viewable in a list and can be used to navigate instantly to the correct section in the document
  • Annotations are fully searchable, both by content and by your notes
  • Annotations follow manual updates. Any annotations that relate to moved or changed content will be repositioned automatically. If the section has been deleted, the annotation will be flagged and you can easily reattach it to new content if it is still relevant

The revision-resilient annotation feature is available on the latest DocuNet™Windows and iPad App.

Personalise and take control
The DocuNet™ upgrade is in fact the culmination of a year’s intensive development to deliver world-beating functionality that, for the first time, allows users to fully personalise documents by making real persistent annotations that remain as part of the document, even when the original data is superseded by a new document.

As well as being ground-breaking in terms of making document management more efficient, the addition of revision-resilient annotations gives users actual ownership and engagement by enabling them to add lasting personalisation to documents

In turn, what this does is embed the individual’s own activity and personality into the manual, or data, which isn’t stripped away when that original data is replaced; this means that the user will be more engaged with the information and, ultimately, creates the perfect conditions for that information to be better absorbed resulting in an all-round safer airline.

Your information > Your knowledge
This new feature creates the perfect conditions for taking information and turning that information into useful, high-performance and personalised knowledge.
The  iPad App  can be found on the   Apple App  store.