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3 Ways to Make Airline Operations More Efficient

Mar 02th 2018
Vistair share three ways that airlines can make their operations more efficient

As the airline industry continues moving forward in the digital era, it’s imperative that internal operations are run as efficiently as possible. During a time when new technology makes its mark in other areas of the industry, it’s good to see many airline operations embrace this as well which is imperative if airlines want to keep up with the ever-increasing compliance, safety and regulatory demands that are imposed against them.

Our article explains three ways that airlines can improve the efficiency of their operations. Read on to find out more.

1. Migrate to the Cloud

If your airline is still using a mix of digital or paper-based logs for your document management, then you’re potentially and unknowingly creating silos of all your information which can affect your airline operations. The first thing that you should do to rectify this is to make the move to the cloud for your documents. While digitising all of your existing documentation can seem like a time-consuming business, there are two ways to achieve this.

Reformatting - This method is the most complex for in-house teams to manage as it often involves an in-depth understanding of XML. This usually means that employees require a lot of training to gain sufficient expertise to use the software.

Scanning - If you have paper documents, these can be sorted and scanned into a digital format. Or, if your documents are stored in multiple electronic formats, you can import, interface and upload them to the cloud.

By having all your data available in the cloud, you’re cutting down on the amount of time and resources used to search for your documents and OEM data, as these can now be accessed at any time from any location with an internet connection.

2. Use Flexible, Real-Time Data

As the airline industry continues to evolve, there is more demand for real-time data than ever before. The great thing is, airlines already collect, hold and analyse a vast amount of data on a daily basis, so the information is already on hand. However, airlines need to have a system in place that will allow them to sort through all this data seamlessly in order to send and receive maintenance, component and operational data with ease and in a secure, compliant manner.

Managing data correctly is a vital requirement for airline operations and being able to manage it to a high standard can help keep operations running smoothly, with less risk of human error and unplanned events.

3. Invest in a Partnered Document Management Service

Airlines need to adapt quickly in order to keep up with the demands of the industry, especially where efficiency is involved. If you’re currently managing your airline’s documents in-house, it’s likely that you’re stretching your resources thin. In-house document management requires much of your employees’ time, and often at times that creates a bottleneck of activity during OEM updates, the likelihood of escalating infrastructure costs along with constant training and software requirements. With employees spending more time attending to documents to get them ready for an audit deadline, other organisational duties tend to be put on the backburner, affecting the running of other airline operations.

The solution to this is to look into a partnered document management solution. With a solution such as DocuNet, not only will you be able to free up your employees’ time to concentrate on other important duties, you’ll be saving on the costs of training, software and infrastructure and leaving the document management in the hands of document management experts.

In the long-term, this solution will add value to your operational efficiency and you’ll see the benefits of saving on costs, time and resources for your airline.

An Efficient Airline is a Safe and Profitable One

Increasing your airline’s efficiency standards can not only help with compliance, it can also help make your airline a safer one - especially if you have fewer errors to deal with. So remember these three ways that can help you become more efficient:

  1. Migrating your airline’s documents and data to the cloud can help do away with silos of information and give the ability to access information more easily.

  2. Take advantage of the real-time data that your airline holds and implement the right system that can help you organise it more effectively.

  3. Invest in a partnered document management service that will help you to manage your documents and help you meet delivery and audit deadlines quicker - whilst giving you complete ownership of all data.


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