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Vistair Introduces Synchronised Annotations to DocuNet

May 09th 2017

Vistair, a leader in the development of aviation management software, has released a major upgrade to its document management system, DocuNet, with the enhancement of its personal annotations feature.

Contained within the latest releases of the offline DocuNet viewers, annotations are now automatically synced between a user’s devices. This major upgrade provides DocuNet users with total assurance that annotations are reflected across all devices thereby avoiding any version confusion.

This latest development to the annotations tool promotes more flexible commenting and personalisation of manual content, ultimately reducing dependency on a single device. A pilot can now make an impromptu comment to their iPhone data and not have to worry about remembering to manually enter it into their desktop or iPad at a later date.

As well as being synced, annotations are revision resistant, searchable and filterable by content and annotation “type”.

David Hedley, CTO at Vistair comments: “Our objective at Vistair is to ensure that DocuNet continues to lead the field in aviation document management whilst providing a technology that has a usability and flexibility that is hard to match. The annotations upgrade is one example of the technological progress Vistair has introduced in order to support our aviation clients.”

Vistair provides an aviation document management system that helps airlines struggling to keep pace with operational and OEM manual changes to improve their operational efficiency, and ultimately to support a safe and profitable operation.