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Aviation Professionals attend Vistair’s Second DocuNet Event in London

Oct 03th 2014

Technical experts from some of Europe’s leading airlines gathered in London for an event to find out the latest on Vistair’s leading edge document management software, DocuNet.

Professionals including representatives from Monarch, TAG, easyJet, Loganair and Air Tankers all attended the event, held in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel next to Heathrow Airport.

Used by aviation professionals around the world, DocuNet is the industry-leading out sourced flight operations document management solution allowing airlines to deliver up to date and fully compliant electronic flight operations manuals throughout their organisation.

The mobile version of the software, DocuNet Viewer, places all the powerful functionality into a hand-held device, and Dr David Hedley, Vistair’s Chief Technical Officer, talked through the new functionality at the DocuNet event through the latest version, due to be launched in May 2014.

“DocuNet Viewer version 3 dramatically improves speed, accuracy and outcome,” he said. “Full bookmark capability gives instant access to manuals with the facility to open tabbed manuals with simple switching between content.

“A complete redesign of the internal and back-end management architecture places the DocuNet Viewer at the leading edge technically, all fully integrated to the Vistair Mobile Device Administration System (MDAS).”

Attendees were also given a demonstration of the latest advances with Vistair’s Airbus Comparison Tool (ACT) which drastically simplifies and accelerates the updating process for the aircraft manufacturers’ manual changes, an innovation designed to save airlines days of work updating their data.

One of the company’s leading developers, Adam Southall, gave a comprehensive demonstration of how Vistair’s suite of aviation-specific solutions can be seamlessly integrated in order to boost management effectiveness and efficiency.

He said: “Our UserNet service allows EFB adminintators to manage users and devices on DocuNet Viewers andon all other Vistair services and mobile applications.

“This system allows you to check the manual status on users’ devices to find out which have or have not been downloaded, switch users between staging and production, track the status of manuals that have been published and push manuals to all users.”

With one of the aviation industry’s leading global airside logistics operations Vistair also took the opportunity to show its clients how, despite the decline in the requirement for paper-based documents, it was utilising that resource, winning significant amounts of business from its competitors and diversifying into additional areas, such as the secure airside transportation of electronic data to flight crews and updating physical EFB devices saving a fortune in data services from telecoms.

Wrapping up the event Vistair’s CEO, Ian Herbert, said: “What differentiates us from our competition is that every one of our solutions is developed in tandem with actual airline professionals and specifically with flight crews in mind.

“What’s more, every new version of our software contains improvements and enhancements made as a direct result of our clients’ feedback, meaning our success in delivering leading edge solutions to airlines is only as strong as our relationships with our clients, which is why events such as this are so crucial.”