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Vistair Supports Team Like A Girl in Wadi Rum Ultra Marathon Challenge

Jan 10th 2018

Vistair is supporting the latest Team Like A Girl challenge, the Wadi Rum Ultra, a multi-day marathon taking place in the Jordan Desert starting on the 5th October.

This ultra marathon is run over five days in Southern Jordon and is acknowledged as one of the toughest races on Earth. Open to individuals and teams the event takes participants on a 260km journey through the Wadi Rum Desert. In 2017 there were less than 30 competitors taking part.  

The 2018 event is equally daunting and Team Like A Girl’s squad will involve 10 recruits embarking upon this event for the first time. Alongside ‘Row Like A Girl’ founder, Lauren Morton, will be Mara, Rachael, Hannah, Lucy, Lucy, Emily, Kiko, Marina, and Jenny. This is an incredible team of record-breaking ocean rowers, triathletes, endurance athletes, and adventurers.

As Kiko Matthews believes: “I’m incredibly proud to be running alongside such extraordinary people and supporting Team Like A Girl, such an inspirational project, which really does provide the entire squad with a reason to complete this tortuous challenge. The fear factor and our combined ability to overcome this challenge really is what will drive us all.”

Team Like A Girl is not an overnight creation. It follows two years of intense activity that includes the 2016 completion of an Atlantic Row (‘Row Like A Girl) which set two world records whilst placing 2nd out of 26 teams. Following this, Team Like A Girl, was officially established in 2017 by Lauren Morton, Marina Ranger and Lucy Sacarello. Its mission is to stand as a platform for positive change focusing on all things female, inspirational and adventurous.

The Team Like A Girl platform is not a one-off and has been developed as an on-going and evolving campaign with a mission to empower women, change the perceptions of women and to enable women to push beyond what they previously perceived as boundaries.

Vistair understands that perception in business are often like normal everyday perceptions and there is often a requirement to be both disruptive and brave, especially when it comes to undertaking projects that seem different. It is for this reason that Vistair is proud to support this amazing group, and as Ian Herbert, CEO or Vistair comments: “Innovation in business and in fact life is all about pushing boundaries, about trusting your instincts and those around you and significantly, about being brave. It is for this reason that Vistair are proud to support Team Like A Girl a true platform for positive change and support centred on female positivity. Everyone at Vistair wishes them well on their forthcoming Wadi Rum Ultra adventure and indeed on all future challenges they’ll undoubtedly accept.”

To follow Team Like A Girl’s current and future adventures head to their website ( and subscribe to their latest and forthcoming news.