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Vistair Launches New Work Practices To Support Staff And Clients

Aug 17th 2020

COVID-19 has had a major impact upon work practices throughout the world and Vistair, with clients headquartered throughout the world, has taken steps to review and implement a range of operational changes in order to support both its staff and the service requirements of its clients.

Vistair Systems, a leader in the development of aviation document and safety management solutions has developed and launched a new operational environment in order to support staff wellbeing, and ensuring the continuous delivery of service to our partners in the aviation industry.

Increased Flexibility 

Headquartered in Bristol and with just over 120 employees, Vistair has always prided itself on its innovation, flexibility and the ability to meet the changing needs of both its staff and customers. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Vistair has taken its flexibility a step further, by adapting to a huge shift in working practices, ensuring business productivity and continuity within a safe working environment.

This flexible approach reflects new business realities as Covid-19 restrictions ease. While a significant majority of Vistair team continue to work from home, employees also have the option to return to a safe working environment on either a flexible or permanent basis. 

HR Director, Lesley Bell comments: Our aim has always been to accommodate the needs of our employees and providing them with the flexibility to return to a safe and secure working environment if they want to.  We have been very mindful that some are more fearful of returning to work than others, therefore we are providing a safe space for the office to be used in a flexible way for face to face meetings and collaboration purposes as well as a safe environment for those who have now returned on a more regular basis. “

A Safe Work Environment 

Having undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment, the Vistair team have implemented the relevant control measures to ensure employees safety and peace of mind when using the office. These include safe spacing, visual reminders for personal hygiene best practices, PPE and of course, plenty of hand sanitizer. Additionally, these spaces facilitate an agile working environment, so our teams can grow or adapt to changing circumstances more easily. 

STaying Connected 

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Vistair – and adapting to distributed teams, has if anything, accentuated this dynamic. More than ever, our teams are staying connected to make sure our work gets done efficiently and using the best tools for our projects and our clients with regular communication.

“Whilst we were already accustomed to a highly distributed and cloud-based way of working, our teams have been fantastic at adapting to the situation and as always are ready to continue to adjust no matter what the future brings.


About Vistair

Established in 2001, Vistair is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aviation management software. Their Document Management and Safety Management Solutions are used by over 40 aviation organisations worldwide.  Clients include The UK Ministry of Defence, British Airways, Delta Airlines, easyJet, Ryanair and Air Asia.

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