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Vistair provides partnered document management solution for TUI Group

Feb 26th 2018

TUI Group has selected DocuNet for the management, control and distribution of flight operation manuals across its entire Boeing fleet. As part of the newly executed agreement, Vistair will provide filtered regulatory manual revisions to accommodate TUI fly Nordic, TUI fly Belgium, TUI fly Netherlands and UK-based TUI Fly Airways, delivering manual content to both the crew and EFB platforms. The four separate AOCs will be implementing DocuNet full-service capability collectively, in an effort to align business operations and build a coherent and standardised document management process across the TUI group.

Currently operating scheduled and charter flights to more than 150 destinations worldwide, the European-based operator wanted a comprehensive document solution that would deliver the highest-possible standard of technology and ease-of-use interface, whilst ensuring compliance to multiple regulatory bodies.


Through the DocuNet solution, TUI Group now have the ability to deliver up-to-date electronic flight operations manuals ensuring all flight crews have a fully hyperlinked and indexed library of manuals at their fingertips. Users will further benefit from multi-AOC management with the ability to jump between specific audience content in the same document, providing both transparency and further increasing efficiency across the TUI Group.


Encompassing a number of innovative features such as respective AOC Regulator annotations, DocuNet’s InterACT platform will help TUI personnel to understand the implications of changes in their AOC regulatory environment. In addition, DocuNet’s compliance matrix will enable TUI to demonstrate to multiple regulatory bodies how their manuals and procedures are used to promote compliance across the TUI Group.


Despite TUI’s initial concerns regarding on-going manual management, the key phases of on-boarding and training are now fulfilled and the partnership and on-going communication with Vistair’s in-house team of publishing experts will ensure a coherent and consistent process going forward.

“We look forward to a successful partnership with TUI Group and are pleased to welcome them into the Vistair family. Together I believe that we can provide new opportunities for organisational compliance and efficiency across the TUI Group,” said Ian Herbert, CEO, Vistair. He goes on to say: “Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to demonstrate compliance to regulatory bodies and with DocuNet’s innovative features and simple user-interface, TUI can be certain that regulatory requirements will be supported.“


Image by permission Gianluca Brochia